Disaster Relief, Day 3!

Once again, we have had a wonderful day. The sun was out and shining all day long. Our group split up today, half of us went to our original site to work with Youth Rebuilds and half of us stayed at the United Saints to help prep panels for Kid Smart. Dani’s group went to Youth Rebuilds and worked with Mr. Willie, building end tables and finishing up all the bunk beds! Kailie’s group worked with United Saint’s long term volunteers building panels that will soon be painted by the children of Kid Smart and hung in a neighborhood that has been completely abandoned after the storm. Erica stayed in the kitchen, helping Kate, a long term volunteer, cook our delicious chicken and mashed potato dinner. In the mean time, Kailie, Liz, Ry and Andrew, worked with other long term volunteers on the streets of United Saints, listening to the jazz music blasting out of the surrounding homes. We worked with  Courtney, Henry and Bobby, three very amazing people. They all were very fun people to work with! If one thing is for sure, nobody down here is interested in coming back up to Vermont with us because “it’s too cold!”.

We have lots of New Orleans to explore still! We will continue to update you on our awesome adventure.

-Kailie and Disaster Relief NOLA


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