Disaster Relief New Orleans Day 1

Well, we made it to New Orleans!! With two vans full of excited Johnson State College students we drove down all the way from Vermont to Louisiana to work with the United Saints 1st Recovery Project. We pulled into Central City at about 1130pm last night and got a full orientation of the United Saints area and the area around it! We are staying in an apartment that is five rooms,a kitchen and a bathroom, we lucked out for sure!

After a long nights rest, we woke up this morning and walked down to Loyola University and met Joe. Joe is the Advisor for Community Service Activities at LU. He introduced us to NOLA and the effects of Hurricane Katrina. We learned that right after the storm, people would take guided tours of the disasters as if the hurricane was just another New Orleans tourist attraction, it just doesn’t make sense.

Tonight we will rest and listen to the hail, anticipating tomorrow, which is our first work day! We can’t wait!

Stay tuned.

Kailie and JSC Disaster Relief NOLA group.

click here to learn more about United Saints 1st Recovery Project: http://www.unitedsaints.org/


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