Day Five – FoUrth Work Day

From Sam Flint – Well we are done officially.

This was our last faucet installation of the trip


We spent the day filling in the last few trenches and scraping together whatever pipe we could find to finish the last few yards of work. In the end we finished 46 houses, 4 short of our goal of fifty. It we had the resources we would have exceeded that easily.

In the afternoon the community held a celebration in honor of the water project. There was dancing, music and lots of laughing.


Three fourth grade girls performed a traditional Nicaraguan dance for us.


The community was so thankful and it was emotional for all of us.

Tomorrow we head out at 7 am to catch a ferry and spend the night in Managua before our early morning flight back to the states.

Life goes on from here but it won’t be the same.


One thought on “Day Five – FoUrth Work Day

  1. I loved reading through this blog — it made me think of the Margaret Mead quote where the only thing that ever brought about change was a small group of devoted individuals. 🙂

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