Day Four-Third Work Day

From Sam Flint – Today we were split into two groups and were sent to two big projects. Each line was connecting multiple houses to the main water line. It got hot early and our materials began to dwindle.

We began the trip with 1800 meters of water pipe to lay and accomplished this in only three days. We are still calculating the official number but we are almost positive we came in just under our goal of 50 houses.


This is bitter sweet for me. Yes we did great work and helped provide water for almost 50 families but there are still hundreds more in the area without the resources to get water.

Water is a mandatory need for a human body. We can not survive without it, yet the rest of the world can somehow stand by and watch others struggle to fill that need. This is a world wide issue with billions being effected. Having consumable water is not a privilege but a human need and should have no monetary cost attached.

How many of you wake up wondering where you will get enough water to shower or wash your clothes? Do you ever worry the water you give your family will make them sick?

This has been an eye opening and empowering experience. And it’s not over yet.


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