Day Three-First Work Day

From Sam Flint – Today was our first day of work and we started at 6:30 AM. We carried our tools and the piping to the outskirts of the town to a section of houses that the main water line runs by but has no outlet to the houses.


We dug trenches, layed pipe and covered them back up. By connectIng the new piping to the main line on the road we were able to connect 4 separate house to the water supply. The water does not run directly into the house, instead we installed water faucets outside each house.

While working a 7 year old boy, Carlos began helping us. He has 9 brothers and sisters and wanted to be part of helping his family get water. He worked so hard and used a pick axe better than anyone.


By the end of the day we managed to finish eleven houses which leaves us with 39 more to do in the next three days. The work is hard and extremely hot but very satisfying. 


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