Day Four – Second Work Day

From Sam Flint – In the morning we busted out 8 houses. The first three were very tricky because they were on the opposite side of the road from the main water pipe. Because of this we had to dig the trench through the road. The roads here are a mixture of cement, gravel and rock.

We first use the pick axes to loosen the dirt in the line from the main water pipe to the faucet end. Then the dirt is removed with a shovel. This process is repeated until the trench is 6 to 8 inches deep. The trenches must be deeper when we plan to run the pipe under the road. We also have breaking bars to use for large rocks and cement.

Then the pipe is laid in the trenches male to female end.

The pipes are than glued together.

Once the pipes are glued we cover them back up a install the water faucet. Then we cut a connector into the main water pipe and glue the two together.


This afternoon we got 12 more houses done which gives a total of 20 for the day and 31 for our over all total. Awesome!

At this point we are at risk of running out of materials before our time here is over.

Oh and while walking back after work we ran into Willem Lange from VPR on the street! Small world!



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