To Ometepe

What an amazing day!

Shortly after breakfast, we loaded up the van and headed for the ferry at San Jorge, about a 2.5 hour drive. Along the way we had the opportunity to see the beautiful Nicaraguan countryside.

There was a bit of wind on Lake Nicaragua, which helped to keep everyone cool for the ride.

Upon our arrival on the island we were greeted by Jamie and travelled to a beachside resort for lunch, hike around a lagoon, visited Eye of Water to swim in a spring fed lagoon, and then to a park to see 4500 year old petroglyphs before getting to Hotel la Omaja.

After settling into our cabanas we enjoyed a candlelit dinner as the power went out. It provided the group with a wonderful opportunity to chat about the day. Of course, the power outage here isn’t quite the same as Vermont in the middle of winter! It’s still had to believe that it is the middle of February.

As group members depart one by one, we are all looking forward to a good nights sleep.


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